Why I've learned to make smarter fashion choices

July 18, 2019

I came across a few stories about fast fashion, and it opened my eyes about how much we purchase clothes for the wrong reasons. It made me look back at my spending habits, and how I used to buy clothes so that I could feel stylish. 

I used to spend my weekends browsing the high street and buy clothes online so that I could feel like I was always on-trend.    However, I knew my approach to shopping wasn't healthy or great for my bank balance. I'd overspend on clothes which I barely wore, and I stopped myself saving my cash towards something that mattered.

Over time I guess I grew up and realised that people excessively shop because ithey want to prove their self-worth on or offline. It is almost like every post we publish on social media needs to have a justification. For example, does buying a designer bag mean you're a fashion influencer?  Does buying a new car mean you've got an excellent job? Does buying a new set of clothes every other week say that you’re always on-trend? The answer is no; money doesn’t define your social status!

You should only invest in a clothing item or a makeup product if you truly believe it’s something you need – not because you’ve been told it’s the new in thing. Most of the time we’re tricked on the high street to get all the latest clothing lines or beauty products but it’s wrong.

I’ve only invested in clothes because I knew I was missing something in my wardrobe. However, I’ve always tried to stay to budget and never allow myself to shop more than I should - My budget is around £100. I’ve learned to shop savvier, and I've allowed myself to save more than half price off the clothes as I only buy in the sale or vintage store. Along with that, the extra cash I've saved has gone towards travel plans and saving towards my future home.

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