Spend or Save? giffgaff's money saving game teaches you how to use your cash wisely.

May 18, 2018

Do you ever constantly wonder where your cash is going? Maybe you should look at how much your daily habits are costing you .

If we take away our regular monthly payments such as our rent, mortgage, bills and food shop. Do you know how much cash you have left to spend or save?

Well,  since the power of contactless and online banking it's hard sometimes to know when those 'treat yourself' moments are actually breaking the bank and preventing you from saving.

Survey stats  from MSE reveal that seemigly small habits such as grabbing yourself a Starbucks coffee, a late night takeaway or going out for brunch , cocktails and Uber could in fact stop you from putting a good lump of cash away for a rainy day.

However when is the right time to put the perks of life on hold and learn to put the pennies in the piggy bank?


giffgaff invited bloggers and journalists to a spend or save money event at Cuckoo, leeds. To help give their insight into their new credit plan which offers customers a free credit check.

Along with understanding their vision of helping their customers with their financial plans such as getting onto the property ladder. Attendees got the opportunity to play a real life monopoly game  ' Spend or Save ' which tested players will power when it comes to achieveing life goals and if they can spend their money wisely and make it to retirement with savings . 

So , for example if you had  saved up £5000 would get married, buy a car, pay a deposit for a house and still have enough to cash in hand to cover your monthly expenses? The reaility is you won't , if you don't make the right decision - or in my case you get conned by a Nigerian Prince!  You may lose before you get chance to role your dice again.  However even though luck wasn't on my side it was great to see that the winners got the opportunity to win cash for their choosen charity. 

Whether we admit or not finance is complicated. But , essential to reach life goals.  When it comes to money how many of us actually look at our bank statement and check where our money goes? Playing this Spend or Save game gave me an insight into my own spending habits and how my regular ASOS order may not be helping me on the path to adulthood. So, I've taken note on this saving tips and set myself up a plan to save for my future. What will you do to achieve your life bucket list?

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