Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fitness Regime

 Running T-shirt -Primark , Flex run 2013 Trainers & rest of gear - Nike.

One of the hardest parts of under taking a new fitness regime is making sure you keep track of your daily activities, nutrition and yourself in general. However when life throws us a curve ball we can easily fall off the health and fitness bandwagon.

Like any other routine we follow on regular basis it’s important to not see exercise as chore but rather than as a form of rehabilitation. Learning to see the benefits of regular exercise will help you channel your energy will help you regain your confidence and hit those workouts harder than you did before.

My current fitness regime is focused on eating healthier and exercising more. My original workout routine at the gym was 2-3 times a week and was mostly cardio based. Like most women, I was too timid to explore the world of lifting, as I didn’t have the confidence to approach the weights and give them a try.  But when I started to pick up HIIT themed classes at my gym it fueled my determination to push myself and get into shape. Now I work with a personal trainer, who’s educated me when it comes to balancing cardio and weight training.

Through my new work out plan I work out in the gym four to five times a week depending on my schedule. Each sessions consists of 20-30min cardio warm up and weight training which focuses on separate muscle groups on e.g. Quads , Glutes & Biceps , Hamstring Calves & Back , Chest , Shoulders & Triceps  which works on a x3 - x12 rep basis .  

Tip Take your  time during your reps as this will help you stay in the correct form during each exercise you perform as well the benefit of taking your time means you'll feel the burn. 'No pain no gain'

Nutrition wise I've always eaten healthy and I never really craved junk food. Through my cleaner diet plan I've been able to discover new whole foods which give me much more energy and  the natural nibbles have helped satisfy my sweet tooth such as banana with peanut butter, oh my!

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Searching for positive fitness inspiration

      Keeping a positive mind set will help you break through those barriers which are preventing you to come out of your comfort zone and help encourage you to eat healthier and exercise more frequently. It's important to direct your thought towards the reasons why you're wanting to change instead of comparing yourself to someone else who you inspire to be like whether that's in your favourite magazine or  on social media . Instead to fuel your aspiration into small steps of motivation which will aid you to get closer to feeling happier inside and out.

The Regular Reads - Most magazines that we tend to grab and read regularly are now filled with subjects which affect our everyday life . As health and fitness has grown more popular over the past year magazines such as Cosmopolitan and GQ  as they write inspiring features on people who have grown to love their bodies whether their someone from the general public or a celebrity.

Eat Pretty - Don't be fooled by the title as it's not all about 'beauty' this insightful book by Jolene Heart is ideal for you if you're aiming to eat cleaner as each chapter guides your taste buds into trying dishes filled with fruit and vegetables which will help nourish your body and give you the energy to give it your all during your workouts.

Women's & Men's Health - .  This lifestyle and fitness magazine is filled with eye opening articles which have been scientifically researched to help benefit your health inside and out. Allow with this each hard copy  contains update exercise plans which will help each muscle group in your body and top trainers clear up some Q&A's that most of us are too scared to ask.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

York Cocoa House

The chocolate trail hidden within York allows you to discover how the chocolate shaped the city became the UK’S home of cocoa goodness.  Whilst on this ‘Charlie in the Chocolate factory’ style journey you’ll be able to truly experience the world of chocolate as chocolate-themed cafes such as York Cocoa House allows true chocolate lovers to learn indulge in a chocolate –inspired lunch whilst learning history behind some of Yorkshire’s well known confectionery companies such as Terry’s and Rowntrees.

Apart from the cafes breath taking scenery and incredible warm cocoa beverages, hand-made cakes and pasties. York Cocoa House allows secret chocoholics to discover art of chocolate as their daily workshops allows those with a sweet tooth to create their own chocolate.

The petit chocolat workshops are ideal for you if you’re looking for something to do over the Easter holidays as you and your friends or family can have fun recreating some of your own favourite chocolate treats such as truffles, chocolate lollypops, bars and models.

“I felt the chocolate industry had been so secretive that it was time to make it more open and accessible, to celebrate the products that make the UK industry so unique and to offer opportunities for the public to learn more about some of the fantastic chocolate products that are now becoming much more available.”-Sophie, The Chocolate Lady behind York Cocoa House.

York Cocoa House’s chocolate school is ideal for if you’d like to take board an advanced chocolatier programme as the master class workshops can be tailored for nutritional needs and which chocolates you’d like to learn to recreate. As well these workshops can be made group bookings which is ideal if you're looking for a gift for a friend or a loved one or if you're looking for something artistic and experimental to do for a Hen Do.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Street Style : Crossing Stripes


       The nautical trend has dropped its anchor for this spring as the iconic stripes stormed the catwalks at this seasons London Fashion Week.  The seamen prints simplistic style is ideal for you if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with a basic t-shirt which channels a clean and contemporary look.  However if a two-tone colour pallet isn’t to your taste then give this minimal item a lumberjack twist by layering it with checkered shirt.

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21 Day Fitness Challenge

Diet and exercise is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle as our bodies depend on good nutrition and fitness as it helps us stay healthy inside and out.  If your goal is to lose weight or tone up you must learn first of all to create fresh new diet plan, which based around food containing high amounts protein, vitamins and low carbohydrates, as this will help improving your fitness. This dietary information if vital if you aim to see results as these ingredients will give you the energy to push yourself harder during those crucial work outs whether that’s cardio or weight training.

Research has proved that it takes 21 days to create a habit so what better way to put this to the test and give ourselves the motivation to kick start out own health and fitness goals.

Ditch the diet books – Dietary books aren't made to cater everyone so the may not necessarily help you achieve you goal. Instead look up some alternative health advice. Magazines such as Women’s & Men’s Health help provide their readers with scientific facts about nutrition and give some great step by step work out tips which you could either use when you’re at home or at the gym.  

If grabbing a mag isn’t your thing the Internet is a gold mine if you're looking for fitness inspiration . Youtube provides some great at home workout routines : BetFit , Blogilates  , The Lean Machines . As well Bloggers such as Lydia Millen , Particia Bright  have some great exercise and health tips on their websites. 

Plan ahead and keep a diary –   This is a vital rule to any health and fitness goal as it’s important to track your progress . Preparing your meals in advance and keeping notes of your work out routine will help make the journey less stressful and more of an enjoyable experience for you to look back on.

Get some new gear – Buying some new gym gear will help give confidence to hit the gym or be brave to work out outside your home.  Also purchasing the right gear will most importantly help improve your posture and performance during your workouts , so don’t forget to ask for advice especially when it comes to purchasing your trianers ladies and gentlemen.

Gym buddying –If you’ve held back from going to the gym because you don’t want to go on your own maybe bring a friend or family with you as they’ll help you prep for exercises and motivate during your sets. 

Don't Stress Remember endorphins are being release when you’re working out so relax when you’re working  out don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or how long it will be until you see results . ‘Practice makes perfect’ so keep going

Drink More - It's vital to keep hydrated as much as possible when you're changing up your fitness routine . So aim to to drink at least 2litres a day . 
Easy tip make sure you have a 1litre bottle with you whether it's at work or when you're doing your workouts as you're able to track the amount you've drank judging by how many refills.

Hopefully these tips will help those who, like me who are gearing up to make a lifestyle change for 2015.

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Working Monochrome with Amy Pham.

Amy Pham  is an LA-based DJ, TV/ Internet Presenter, and Model who is well know for her unique sense of style.  Pham’s interpretation on the latest SS15 trends reflects on her fashion admiration of minimal silhouettes and neutral tones such as ‘white’.

 Through her Instagram account @iamamypham she posts her  latest juxtaposed inspired outfit snaps and video style guides on Toutube . On  the hit fashion and music channel 'The Platform'  Amy Pham explains how easy it is  to create an effortless edgy outfit with a simple monochrome colour palette.  Following the high fashion routes of the black and white colour scheme . Amy Pham guides her viewers on street style and music inspiration can help you transform this chic and tailored trend into effortless day time or evening looks .

 Key SS15 trends - Long line blazers, Ripped jeans , Cut out heels and boots, Pure white lace, Relax day time jerseys , Festival band t's and of course the signature leather jacket which helps you become the ultimate rock chic. 

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