Monday, 16 December 2013

The Acidic Stonewash

                                         Jumper-H&M , Peplum-Vintage, Necklace-New Look
                                              Joni Jeans & Belt-Topshop , Socks-Primark 
                                                                      & Boots-Ebay.

001)       Stonewashed 'acid wash' jeans return this winter season, with a frosty twist.  The rough smokey texture of this denim material gives you the opportunity to give a quirky gothic touch to your slightly feminine pieces such as florals and metallics, which are key pieces to wear during the Christmas period.

002)   For this outfit I wore my lime green jumper over my floral peplum top, as the contrast between the neutral tones in my vintage top and autumnal leaf inspired knitwear helped create a vibrant preppy two piece. Bottom wise I wore my black stonewash skinny jeans, as the materials washed out design gave an edgy twist to my outfit. Shoes wise I finished of the look by wearing my cut out ankle boots with a pair of frilled ankle socks, as the contrast between the frills and biker chick boots gave a quirky androgynous theme to my A/W inspired ensemble.

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Monday, 2 December 2013

A Touch Of Lime


                                                     Jumper-H&M, Cigarette trousers-River Island,
                                                     Scarf-Urban outfitters, Socks & Boots-Topshop.

001)     Green is the latest shade to experiment with when it comes to  giving your dark or neutral toned outfits a pop of colour. The leaf inspired shade ranges from olive,moss and linden green and works perfectly with the other autumnal shades , such as red, burgundy , orange and mustard , as it helps give your look a colourful naturalistic twist.

002)     For this outfit I wore my linden lime jumper with my geometric print cigarette pants, as the two pieces colour coordinate together and helped create a quirky smart but yet casual looking outfit. I then layered the light weight A/W look with my aztec scarf, as the yellow shade in my scarf complimented the hint of mustard in trousers and added some warmth to my autumnal colour palette.  Shoes wise I wore my allegra boots my khaki frilled ankle socks, as the chelsea boot styled heel and lace detail gave a juxtaposed twist to my tailored themed outfit.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dolly Rocker

                                                                         Dress(*)-Motel, Rings-Dixi,
                                                                      Tights-Primark & Bag-Topshop.

001)        The Victorian smock dress returns this A/W season with a 60's doll like silhouette. This particular style of frock comes in a range of prints and a mixture of neutral and vibrant shades, which makes this dress a perfect any occasion dress for this autumn as it flatters any body shape.

002)        For this outfit I wore my collared floral smock dress as my main item, as the mixture of achromatic and pink tones gave this vintage design some rock chick touch. When it came to layering this piece with a coat I wore my purple boyfriend coat, as the deep purple shade gave a pop of colour to my outfit and complimented the sultry red and pink tones in my dress. Accessory wise I kept it minimal by wearing three bohemian silver rings, as the metallic shade colour coordinated with the specs of grey in my outfit and went with my vintage theme of my look. Shoes wise I wore my cut out buckle boots with a pair of sheer tights to give my girlie preppy outfit a grunge twist.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Grunge Grey

                                     Jumper(*)-Crafted , Dress-Minkpink , Necklace-New Look,
                                            Tights-Primark, Hat(*), Bag ,Shoes & Socks-Topshop.

001)        Alongside the A/W favourite all black look, grey is the new neutral colour to try out this season. This smokey shade may seem simple at first however when layered with different textures and prints this plain achromatic colour can help create either a sophisticated or an edgy looking outfit. 

002)    For this outfit I wore cut out grey jumper over my ethnic dress, as the mixture of textures and neutral shades in my dress helped creature a quirky grunge outfit. Accessory wise I wore my warm toned beanie, as it gave a pop of colour to all grey look. As well for jewellery I wore geometric necklace, as the silver went with the grey colour scheme of my look and design of my dress. Shoes wise I wore my cut out ankle boots with my frilly socks as the mixture of autumnal colours in the floral design gave a preppy and romantic twist to my laid back outfit. 

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Scale of Evil

                                                            Dress(*)-Oh my love, Boots-Topshop.
                                                                    Close up of scale make up 

001)          Halloween is traditionally known for it's creepy and gruesome looking outfits, which are based on scary stories or characters from horror film such as vampires 'Dracula',witches, monsters 'Frankenstein', mythological creatures, devils and even zombies. Even though this particular day is all about embracing your inner darkness, it has been acceptable to take inspiration from terrifying looking figures and put your own spin on it by mixing it into your own personal style.

002)         For this years Halloween themed outfit, I was inspired by the evil Greek mythological monster Medusa who had living snakes in her hair , which turned her victims into stone. I recreated this serpent look by wearing my python skater dress, as it's triangular cut out waist detail and vibrant cold blooded  print gave an edgy twist to my carnivorous reptile look. Shoes wise I wore my chelsea ankle boots as it's androgynous style gave a masculine touch to my colourful outfit.  Finally make up wise I recreated the dresses design by creating a scale print around my eyes, which matched the colour scheme of my outfit.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Ethnic Mélange

                                Coat (*)-Ark ,Top-Urban Outfitters, Skirt-Vintage, Necklace-New Look,
                                                     Tights-Primark & Allegra Boots-Topshop.

001)    The quirky bohemian trend has had a A/W make over as this season is all about layering different prints and textures, as it allows your outfit to become bolder and more creative . This hippie and Native American inspired look has been given an edgy make over, as it has collaborated with this winter’s biker chic trend.

002)    For this outfit I wore my ethnic monochrome baby doll top with my paisley print skater skirt, as both prints mixed together gave the illusion I was wearing a 60's bohemian shift dress.  I then layered the two-piece with my fleeced parka jacket, as the pleather coat gave a rock biker chick twist and complimented the neutral tones in my outfit. Accessory wise I wore my silver geometric aztec necklace as the triangular tribal design matched the native American tribal print of my top. Finally shoes wise I wore my heeled chelsea boots, as the androgynous style boot helped given an edgy touch to my quirky day time look.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Kelly Brook's A/W lingerie line for New Look

                         Balconette bra  & Satin Brief (*) - Kelly Brook lingerie line at New Look.

001)          A few days ago I received this glamorous 50’s inspired lingerie set from Kelly Brook’s new A/W line.  Like her past collections for New Look the curvaceous model has based her designs on vintage fashion, which focuses on allowing women to embrace their inner pin up girl as the sultry sets are made with lace, frills and pleated satin.  Each piece has been created to help make finding the right bra and pantie combination a lot easier, as the sets aim to make you feel confident in your own skin and capture an essence of your personality through it’s quirky choice of prints and colours.
002)         At first glance you can instantly see how the pin up themed mood board has inspired this seasons lingerie line. The creativity behind each piece has shown how Kelly and her design team at New Look wanted to change the appearance of our undergarments by making them look sophisticated, sleek and edgy. However it was the brands interpretation of modern vintage fashion, which really caught my eye as the choice of accessorizing both pieces with bows made this piece become more fashionable and less intimidating to wear. 

003)    The structure of the balconette bra gives the illusion you’re wearing a mini bralet, as it emphasizes the definition of your waist and enhances your bust by giving your cleavage a natural lift. Whilst the flirty frilled briefs V cut shape is perfect for pear shapes, as it trims down your hips and helps elongate your legs.  However if you’re a hourglass this particular style of lingerie can help create curves. As well having the opportunity to purchase elegant and affordable underwear on the high street allows you to have the opportunity to invest in great quality lingerie, which match your own personal style.

              “Always start with a foundation as it will make you feel more confident .”

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Camouflaging Florals

                                Pocket Dress-Zara, Jacket-Primark, Necklace-New Look
                                                                        & Shoes-Topshop.

001)    Military themed looks return this autumn season, as camouflaging shades such as khaki, olive green and beige have given smart casual wear an army cadet twist. The autumnal season is about exploring with other naturistic colours, which we find within leaf shades  as the more warmer shades such as yellow and red allow us to have the opportunity to give our outfits some life with a pop of colour.

002)         For this outfit I wore my floral autumnal jacket with my khaki dress, as the red and pink colours within the floral print gave a pop of colour to my look, whilst colour coordinating with the deep green and black colour of my dress. Accessory wise I wore my geometric choker necklace, as the vibrant pink shade of the necklace matched the rosy tones in my floral jacket. Shoes wise, for my smart casual look I wore my sandal heels, as the neutral heels worked within my outfits naturistic inspired colour scheme and gave sophisticated touch to my floral military look.

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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Juxtaposing the Jumpsuit

                                                  Jumpsuit(*)-Missguided,Necklace-New Look
                                                                                   & Boots-Topshop

001)                  The masculine vs feminine trend has given the jumpsuit a new look for the autumn season, as it has been given juxtaposed twist. This one-piece has become a staple piece to wear as it's comfortable but yet elegant style makes this outfit wearable for any occasion. 

002)              For this outfit I wore my vibrant floral jumpsuit as my main item without a waist belt as the floral design and feminine silhouette of the jumpsuit flattered my curves. Shoes wise I wore my cut out brogue style boots, as the bold black undertone colour within the one pieces design, colour coordinated with masculine style of my boots and transformed my outfit into a quirky juxtaposed look.  Accessory wise I wore my neon pink geometric choker necklace, as it complimented the rosy shades in my outfit and helped give an edgy touch to my outfit. 

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn Plum

                                           Dress-River Island, Bag(*)-Deena & Ozzy,Anklet(*)
                                                                    & Sandals-Topshop.

001)          A sultry palette of deep plums, berries, and burgundies is the latest shade to try out this autumn. This fresh vampy look allows you to create sophisticated and sexy outfits, which reveal your inner 'grunge goth' darkness. As we're just transitioning into the A/W season, I thought I would show you guys how you can mix plum pieces with garments from your summer wardrobe.

002)     For this outfit I wore my floral plum tea dress with my heeled sandals , as I liked how the neutral shade of the shoes complimented the grey and black tones of my dress. Accessory wise wore my studded shoulder bag, as the metallic detail of bag colour coordinated with my dresses floral design and gave an edgy twist to my simple outfit.


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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Falling back into Fall

                              Cardigan & Faux fur stole-H&M, Dress-Primark, Anklet(*)-Souvenir from Kos, 
                                                                    Waist belt & Allegra boots-Topshop.

001)    Autumn has begun, which means transitioning to this colder season can be quite daunting when it comes to knowing what to wear on the days when the weather gets rather chilly. Autumn 'Fall' trends are traditionally more 'laid back' but yet well put together looks, which are full of neutral colours and layering textures e.g. leather and knitwear. However the brighter shades and prints, which we saw appear this SS13, reappears in this years autumn and winter monochrome and punk trend. 

002)    However this season is about embracing your inner rock n roll queen, as punk inspired accessories are incorporated into black and white outfits, as metallic jewellery and accents of colour allow these looks to become more versatile. 

003)    For this outfit I layered my coral red cardigan with my faux fur stole over my black daisy print skater dress with my red, as the lightweight cardigan gave a pop of colour to my autumnal look. Accessory wise I wore my red studded waist belt as the shade of the belt compliment the red tone of my cardigan and gave a grunge twist to look. Shoes wise I wore my Allegra boots, as the heeled chelsea boots went with the shade of my dress and gave a laid back touch to my outfit.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Blazer & Short Combo

                                                   Cami-River Island, Jacket & Shorts-Primark,
                                                              Shoes-H&M & Necklace-Ebay.

001)     The blazer and short combo is a brand new tailored two piece to try out this summer season, as it's figure flattering style can allow you to create a fun sophisticated look, which shows of your personality and your best features. Traditionally this ensemble is normally the same colour and print. However celebrities like Mollie King from the Saturdays have reworked this cropped suit and made it become more versatile by mixing it with different patterns, textures and colours.  

002)           For this outfit I wore my blue ethnic print jacket over my cami, as the black top matched the black outlines in the design of my jacket and made the piece stand out. Bottoms wise I wore my black silk bandana print shorts, as the boho inspired pattern matched the grey and black tones of my jacket. Accessory wise I wore my spiked choker necklace, as the silver shade colour coordinated with the grey tones of my outfit, whilst giving an edgy touch to my boho tailored look. Shoes wise I wore my 80's inspired blue court heels, as it gave a pop of colour to my look and matched the tailored theme of my outfit. 

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Sunday, 18 August 2013


                                                    Dress (*)- Oh My Love , Pendant-Ever Ours
                                                                               & Shoes-Zara.

001)    This holiday season is all about bringing out your inner Greek goddess. Apart from the Aphrodite inspired long flowing maxi dress, other mythological themed dresses, such as the 90’s swing dresses has been redesigned with bohemian cuts, embellishments and vintage materials, which makes it a perfect piece to wear for the festival period or a summer getaway. 

002)    For this outfit I wore my coral shade swing dress, as my main item, as the embellished cut out detail made this piece a ‘stand out beach frock’.  Accessory wise I wore boho inspired accessories such as my geometric pendant necklace, as it matched the open back design of my swing dress (metallic triangle). Shoes wise, I wore my red coral toned wedges, as it went with the ‘coralista’ colour scheme of my outfit and gave and edgy touch to my modern day historic look. 

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mosaic Tiles

                        Playsuit-Motelrocks(*),Necklace-New Look
                                                                               & Shoes-Zara.
001)     Summer overalls such as jumpsuits,dungarees and playsuits are another style of clothing to try out this season if you're wanting to try out something, which is slightly more masculine. The cut of these overalls have in fact a feminine twist, as they're filled with unusual prints and bold choices of colour, which are based on a range of summer trends such as boho , tailored and urban. This one piece may look plain on its own but it can be easily mixed and matched with accessories to create an even quirkier look, which suits your body shape and personality. 

002)     For this outfit I wore my mosaic tile print playsuit without a waist belt, as I wanted to work with the loose fit of the petite jumpsuit. However if you're wanting to define your curves more in a piece like this I would recommend wearing a waist belt, which matches one of the colours in the item you're wearing. Accessory wise I wore my bright coral pink triangle choker necklace, as I liked how the geometric style of the necklace matched the ethic inspired print of my dress and gave a pop of colour to my look. Shoes wise I decided to wear my flatform wedges, as the coral shade matched the shade of my necklace and gave a warm twist to cool toned outfit.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Neutral Wonderland

                                                                  Dress(*)-Oh My Love, Belt(*)-ASOS
                                                                               & Shoes-Primark

001)           Long flowing frocks have graciously become the most essential dress to wear during the summer season. The 'Maxi' is a versatile piece to invest in if you're wanting to find an outfit, which can be easily stand out from the crowd by layering it with accessories or more colour of your choice. Celebrities like Selena Gomez has recently added this look to their wardrobe, as she wore a gypsy show stopper style gown in her 'Come and get it music video'.

002)     For this outfit I wore my feather print maxi dress with my cross waist belt , as I liked how grunge style of the belt not only gave an edgy touch to my look but complimented the neutral tones in my bohemian dress . Shoes wise I wore my tanned tone loafers, as the shoes blended into the brown tones of my dress and matched the triangular cut out design of the frock. Jewellery wise you can either wear silver or gold tone jewellery. However for this particular style of clothing,  I would recommend wearing a pendant, which has an accent of colour , as it will go with the boho theme of the outfit and add a pop of colour to the look.

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Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Vintage Tea Dress

                                Dress- Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters, Jumper-H&M,
                                                  Necklace-Everours , Sandals-Irregular Choice.

001)         Every season trends take a flash back to the past as designers are inspired by classic looks from the 50's - 90's. This summer Boho inspired clothing has been inspired by vintage silhouettes such as 50's inspired tea dress, as they're full of colour and retro prints  such as polka dot and florals. 

002)      For this outfit, I wore my purple jumper as a shawl over my ethic printed 50's inspired tea dress as I liked how  the quirky print of the dress and vibrant shade of my jumper colour ccoordinated with my sandals. Accessory wise I  wore my geometric inspired necklace as it flattered the v neck cut of the dress and went with the gold detail of my sandals and added an edgy touch to my look.

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Neutralising the Skort

                                   Dress worn as top (*) -Rihanna at River Island, Skort-Zara,
                                                      Necklace-Ever Ours & Shoes- Topshop.

001)           Apart from vibrant prints and colours , this season is all about restyling the summer favourite ‘laid back look’ with textures and accessories.  Achieving this effortlessly looking ensemble can easily be done through playing with classic tailored pieces such as loose fitting vests, chinos and shorts.

002)        For this outfit I paired up my black skort with my RiRi floral dress, as I liked how the dress gave a suttle splash of colour to the look. Also I liked how the skort was the perfect addition for this minimal look , as the two asymmetric cuts coordinated with one another and created a quirky tailored inspired outfit.

003)         Accessory wise I layered up with boho inspired jewellery, as the gold cross and geometric pendants complimented the beige and brown tones in my dress. Shoes wise following up on the more tailored inspired trends,  I wore my neutral toned sandal heels as the neutral shade of the shoes matched the colours of my dress and gave an overall elegant touch to my look.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

African Roots

                                                Dress-ASOS(*), Necklace-Ever Ours, Clutch-Dixi
                                                                      & Loafers-Urban Outfitters.

001)       In my previous blog posts that I had written last month , I introduced you guys to different cultural inspired garments such as ethnic and aztec printed clothing. However this time I thought I would show you guys another flamboyant print , which is perfect to wear during the summer season and can be easily styled for any occasion simply by changing the choices of accessories e.g. shoes, bags, waist belts and jewellery.

002)      ASOS Africa’s colourfully coated collection is filled with unusual monochrome, and zingy chartreuse green designs on sleeveless shirts, midi dresses, tailored trousers and stand out jumpsuits.  This African inspired range is perfect for you if you want to find that statement-making piece for the summer season, which has the whole package when it comes to colour and pattern choices. The best part of the collection is that ASOS has collaborated with SOKO Kenya , which allows communities to establish sustainable business through local craftsmanship .

003)     For this outifit, I wore my sheer African printed inspired midi dress with my geometric inspired necklace and studded clutch bag as I like how the edgy style of the accessories blended into the yellow and black tones of my look and made my outfit become more versatile for a day to night occasion.  Shoes wise I wore my multi coloured strappy loafers , as I liked how the pink and blue tones complimented the chartreuse green  design of my dress and my bold pink lipstick.

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