Give yourself some self love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has always been known to be the day to declare your love for your partner or crush. However, if you’re single, you shouldn’t feel the need to use this day as an occasion to chase after a guy or girl. Instead, you can opt to celebrate February 14th with your closest friends or give yourself some TLC!

Self-love is something that we often forget to give ourselves. Whether that’s a, pamper night in, a short break away or just a switch off from social media. We often disregard what’s best for our well-being.

Alongside this, we also fill ourselves with so much pressure to reach for success in the wrong way. We fight for a perfect lifestyle that doesn’t exist and dismiss the great things we do every day as we choose to focus on our flaws rather than our strengths.

Instead, we need to hit refresh and remind each other that being selfless is ok. We need to learn to appreciate one another more and if anything treat ourselves once in a while!

Lace bralet- Hunkmoller & Playsuit - Pretty Little Thing

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed investing is lingerie. From a young age, I knew how important it was to get a correctly fitted bra and to be measured regularly - as your boob shape changes ladies! So I knew that this was something that I know many women out there neglect.

When it comes to fashion, I learned from many fashion icons growing up how underwear or shapewear can instantly change how you feel about your body. Whether that’s a comfy t-shirt bra, push up bra or lace bralet from Ann Summers or Hulkemoller these items can instantly make you feel happier in the clothes you’re wearing. So don’t feel like just because you’re not in a relationship, you can’t get a new set. If anything investing in new underwear for you. It will allow you to see your body in the mirror in a new way and grow to accept the way you look.

Also, we need to remember that no matter what gender we are we are all different and we need to embrace that individuality. We need to own our style and use fashion as a gateway to self-expression.  Underwear is the base of your outfit, and it’s something we need to take of advantage of when it comes to styling. It can change the way a dress, top or playsuit fits on your body and makes you feel instantly much more comfortable with your shape.  I decided to pair up this lovely lace valentine set from Hunkemoller with a nightwear playsuit from Pretty Little Thing to show you how you can dress conservatively but still sexy when you feel like exploring with your underwear drawer.

*Items gifted by Hunkemoller - Comments and images are my own

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  1. This bralet is gorgeous! I've recently invested in new underwear and when they sit well, everything else does too :)


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